Welcome to the Green Edition of Dolly Day!

What is Dolly Day?

Dolly Day is an event dedicated to collectors of customizable dolls, like BJD, Blythes, Pullips, Azones, Dollfie Dream…. that wishes to link the hobby to a good cause.

Why Green?

Every year Dolly Day dedicates itself to a cause. In our first edition, Pink Dolly Day, the cause was the fight against breast cancer. This year our chosen cause is the fight against ALS.

ALS is a neuromuscular disease which involves the death of the neurons involved in the control of the voluntary muscles. 

Green is the colour adopted by the Spanish Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association (ALS) to raise awareness for this disease. This is why this year’s edition is Green.

How can I help?

You can help out by:

  • Donating items for the benefic raffle.
  • Participating in the benefic raffle.
  • Exhibit a customized doll at our expo.
  • Attend the event! Tickets will be available soon.